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 Frequently Asked Questions

Why your business should advertise Online?

The Internet is where people in the 21st Century get their news and information. Internet usage has increased 200% over the last year and is growing at a phenomenal rate!

  • Worldwide, the Internet is the fastest growing marketing and advertising media in the industry and the reason for this exploding growth of Web advertising is because it is the most cost effective and it works!
  • The Web not only produces high returns on investment, but also offers unparalleled opportunities for targeted advertising at low cost with performance metrics that traditional "old print media" can't provide!
  • Online rates are generally less expensive than traditional offline rates, and offer far more features, opportunities and value for money.
  • Fast Broadband and mobile wireless internet access is now mainstream with the majority of households and businesses in Australia are connected online.
  • Most people in the 18 to 40 age group are spending more time per week ‘surfing’ on the Internet for information than using local newspapers or watching TV. A recent report by  indicates that on average people spend 32.7 hours online a week compare to only 16.4 hours watching television. Newspapers and magazines get only 3.9 hours of our attention.
  • Advertising online is now a proven success. In 2006 Australian Businesses are spending more than $1 billion (AUD) for online advertising and is forecast to reach $2.95 billion by 2010.

Contact Viet Internet Marketing for a tailored Ad campaign that suit your budget - Tel  (+61 3) 9018 5530

Asian customers have their own unique ‘taste and values’ for certain products or services, eg Feng Shui belief, House with big back yard, large kitchen, close to Asian groceries & Primary school or have a need for large family cars or people mover.  etc..

Until now the only advertising media outlet for the Asian Market are through Asian language Newspapers or Radio which are only appealing to much 'older 50+ age group'. Where as the majority of working Asians prefer to go online to look for products and services.  Hence, was launched to capture this 'untapped' online marketplace by providing to the most comprehensive and free online Real Estate Business Marketplace and Entertainment TV Channels.

Sale Agents now have a unique opportunity to market Properties and Business Ads to 1000s of  potentials Asians customers who are using our online resources & services on everyday. We provide local Businesses with the opportunity to deliver dynamic, measurable, cost-effective, and uncluttered online advertising that is target to any given page, topic or audience profile.

Contact us today to create a customized online marketing campaigns to reach your target market. Our Marketing campaigns can include:

  • VIP listings: Real Estate Property,  Business Directory,  Agent Classifieds
  • Advertising Banners & Page Channel Sponsorship , 
  • Featured Videos and Articles Editorial to highlight your business products and services
  • Online  Contests, E-Mail Marketing Newsletters

Contact us  for more information

Tel:  (03)  9018 5530

Mob : 0422 190 986

The Vietnamese community make up second largest Asian ethnic community in Australia.  Like other Asian communities, Vietnamese communities are concentrated in and around Asian shopping 'hubs'  eg. NSW: Cabramatta, Bankstown, Marrickville... VIC: Footscray, Sunshine, St Albans, Richmond, Springvale...

Latest Australian census shown: Over 8% of the current population in Australia is of Asian descent - predominantly Chinese (800,000), Vietnamese (400,000), Indian (250,000) & Filipino (170,000).  Additionally a large percentage of  second generation are born in Australia and thousands overseas students and Visitors are coming to Australia  each year.

 They are well established communities and likely to own their own home and have investment properties. Many run their own small – medium businesses enterprises.

Young Vietnamese are typically highly educated holding professional jobs and have higher than average income.

Vietnamese value and invest greatly in Education and Businesses and the majority of household and businesses are connected to the internet.

In addition, there are 3 Million Vietnamese living abroad USA, Canada and Europe. Vietnam is the world’s 12th most populous country with a population of 82 Million people.

 Register User Account  -Click here to see Online Ads subscription prices and Ad Rate Card.

  Contact us or Ring Office (+61) 03 9018 5530 with your advertising budget and target audience so we can send you our Ads Rate Card or a customized Ad campaign to suit your business.

Members  Privacy protection  provides many ways for businesses and community to interact on this site. By register free membership businesses can self publish & edit your own Commercial Ads for Business Directories, Classifieds and Real Estate. Register members also able to contribute Articles, Videos, Community Announcements, etc...

At  www.Vietinternet.TV,  we respect and safeguard the information that our site users have entrusted to us. www.Vietinternet.TV will not provide individual personal user information to any third party for any purpose, either commercial or otherwise, unless required by law. Privacy issues are a paramount concern to us.

Email Addresses Are Hidden From Spammers
www.Vietinternet.TV does not display email addresses on site pages. People use a simple contact form to email you. Spam spiders cannot mine your email boxes on this site.

Required Member Information
The personal information that we require for registration is the minimum necessary to verify your email address. Then choose your own username and password. We willsend you the welcome email which contain your login verification code for completing the registration process.

Display Names 
We protect your online identity by allowing you to choose a display name or Business Name (if you prefer ) for public use on the site.

Read more information about  Privacy Statement   |  Terms Of Use 

Q. What happen to my VIP Ads after subscription ended?

You will receive email reminders when your VIP Ads are about to expired.

If you renew your subscription then you can continue your Ads as VIP otherwise your Ads will return back to Basic Text Ad status (Business Directories & Classifieds)

Anyone can Register and post basic business Text Ad here for free! Members can also Upgrade to Paid VIP Ad which allow much more advance priorities, details and features - therefore get more results!  See comparisons below

Add FeaturesFree Text AdPaid VIP Ad
CostFree!See Subscription Plans
Ads Title + Tel + Address
Video (customer supply)30 sec
Number of Photos10 + ext pics
Ad  Descriptionupto 400 charsunrestricted
Email Contact Form
Google Map & Web Link
VIP  Feature Page + Top Search
Approval time24 hrsinstant

Register User can purchase VIP Ads online thru Paypal payment with credit card.

Or   contact us to arrange payment by cheque or direct bank transfer  Tel: 03 9018 5530

To purchase VIP Ads online you need to login then Sign up for Subscription plan that suit your needs:

Real Estate Ads        Business VIP Ads      Classifieds VIP Ads

All payments are process online via PayPal using your Credit Card (PayPal provide you with a peace of mind and world class safeguard protection and trusted by over 150 million users worldwide )


Q. Can I get a refund if I cancelled my subscription?

Our technical staffs will do our best to resolve all  technical issue you may have in a timely manner regarding your VIP Ads Subscription.

We also guarantee you will have access to our Ad services as advertised for your purchased VIP Ad subscription.

If you are not satisfy with our service we will offer full refund if you cancelled within 5days  from the date of your subscription payment.

Yes you can update your business contact details eg telephone, address, emails, display name or even upload your business logo and your own picture etc.. at anytime you wish.

You just need to login then click on your Unsername on top right hand of any page then click on Business Profile


Q. How can I manage my Ads listings?

After login to your account Click on Manage > My Business and you will be able to:

  1. Click on the edit pencil to make changes to any listing details: Prices, Sale status (e.g Sold), Page Highlight, etc.. Click Update to instantly  (Note: Free Ad required 24hr approval every time you edit your Ad )
  2. You can also view report of Ads statistics, eg Number of  Views

Q. How can I attach Photo & Video for my ads listing?

VIP Subscriber's has access to Upload Photos & Embed Video.

Click Select Image button to search for your images to upload. Please refer to which Subscription for the max number of images you can upload . You can only upload 1 image at a time until you have reach your upload limits...

To attach a embed video here you would need to uploaded your   video to hosting website eg. . Then copy the video embed code provided and paste to Embed Video field here.

We also provide Video Production Service that include video production and upload it for you. Prices for a 30sec video slideshow start from just $580, depending on your location and your requirements ...  Contact Us or Tel +61 03 93112280 to discuss more information.

Câu. Quảng cáo loại miễn phí và trả tiền VIP khác nhau như thế nào?

Quảng cáo rao vặt loại sơ cấp (không có hình,không nổi bật) được miễn phí.  Tuy nhiên,  quảng cáo loại cao cấp VIP (trả tiền) cho phép đăng thêm nhiều chi tiết, hình ảnh, video, nội dung phong phú và được nhiều ưu tiên & nổi bật ra bên ngoài để tạo nhiều sự chú ý và cơ hội cho nhiều người 'click vào xem' !

Add Features Miễn phí
Loại VIP
Giá Quảng CáoFree!Xem subscription plans
Ads Title + Tel + Address
Video (tự cung cấp)30 sec
Số lượng hình10 + pics
Kèm nội dung (Description)400 ký tựkhông giới hạn
Liên hệ Email (Contact Form)
Google Map & Web Link
VIP Feature Page + Top Search
Chờ duyệt (Approval)24 giờkhông cần chờ


 Câu. Tôi muốn đăng quảng cáo thì phải làm gì?

Bạn có thể tự đăng quảng cáo trên Vietinternet.TV  bằng 2 cách:

  1. Để có thể tự đăng & sửa đổi nội dung quảng cáo bất cứ lúc nào trước tiên là cần phải đăng ký một 'member account'  và sau đó bạn có thể tự đăng Free Quảng Cáo. Sau đó bạn có thể nâng cấp mua hợp đồng VIP subscription cho loại Quảng Cáo nổi bật                                                                                          
  2. Liên lạc chúng tôi để đăng QC: Office  (+61) 03 9311 2280  Mobile Linh Nguyễn  0412 558 481



Theo thống kê cho biết trên 2 triệu người thuộc các gia đình gốc Á Châu tại Úc có tỷ lệ sự dụng Internet cao hơn các sắc tộc di dân khác.

Hiện nay hầu hết các gia đình Việt Nam sống tại Úc điều 'sử dụng dịch vụ internet' trong nhà để cho các con em sử dụng cho việc học hành và giải trí.  Theo ước lượng thì số người gốc Việt thuộc thế hệ thứ nhì có nhu cầu sử dụng internet hầu như mỗi ngày.

 Để giúp giới tiêu thụ dễ dàng tìm kiếm thông tin và những dịch vụ trên mạng, là dịch vụ của người Việt Nam đầu tiên đáp ứng được tất cà các nhu cầu thông tin, thương mại và giài trí qua mạng Internet Tivi phục vụ cho cộng đồng Việt Nam - đặc biệt là đa số đông thế hệ trẻ đang sinh sống tại Úc (trên 400,000 )

Câu. Lý do business cần thiết quảng cáo lên mạng

Ngày nay mạng internet có mặt khắp mọi nơi - sở làm, trường học, business, tư gia... Giới tiêu thụ chỉ cần nhanh lẹ 'Click' lên 'Net' là tìm thấy được các thông tin hình ảnh tài liệu để dễ dàng giao dịch & mua sắm với chủ nhân thương mại - 24/24 giờ. 

Với khoảng 0.4 triệu người Việt đang sinh sống tại khắp các tiểu bang Úc Châu *, đang định cư tại Mỹ, Anh, Pháp và 86 triệu dân trong nước Việt Nam sẽ có cơ hội nhìn thấy quảng cáo và trở thành những khách hàng tương lai của các chủ nhân quảng cáo trên mạng!


Câu. Xem bảng giá Quảng Cáo ở đâu?

Bạn có thể xem bảng giá Quảng Cáo bằng cách:

  1. Đăng ký User Account và sau đó click vào từng trang Subscription để xem 
  2. Liên lạc với chúng tôi để gởi bảng giá đến cho bạn

Câu. Làm sao để Upload Hình / Attach video Quảng Cáo?

Nếu bạn là một VIP Subscriber thì bạn có thể Upload hình ảnh hoặc nhúng video Quảng Cáo của bạn ở đây. (Bạn cần phải upload video của bạn lên một video hosting website trước eg. ). Sau đó chỉ copy video embed code được cung cấp và paste vào trường Embed Video .

Chúng tôi cũng cung cấp dịch vụ Video Service bao gồm: tạo video và upload nó lên website cho bạn. Chi phí cho video Ad clip tùy thuộc vào yêu cầu của bạn. Liên hệ chúng tôi để biết thêm chi tiết.

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